Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (Food Grade)




Hydrogen peroxide is made up of the same atoms that water is made from. The difference is, there is an additional oxygen atom. This extra oxygen (H2O2) gives hydrogen peroxide its beneficial properties.

Our Hydrogen peroxide is of the highest food grade quality and is safe to use for all applications:

Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning
Hydrogen peroxide for plants
Hydrogen peroxide for gardening

What’s it good for?

PLANTS: sterilising seeds, equipment, adding o2 to water, combat disease and pests. Increase plant yield, treatment for bacterial and fungal infections, enhancing room systems and oxygen intake.
Kitchen: Sanitising the cutting board, benches, sponges and cleaning the refrigerator.
Bathroom: Cleaning Toilets, sanitising toothbrushes and beauty care products, bleaching tiles, clean mirrors removing mould and grime.
Bedroom: Kill Dust Mites, wiping surfaces.
Laundry Room: Whiten Whites, brighten clothes + Remove Stains and disinfecting washing machines.
Living Areas: Remove carpet stains, sanitise toys and remotes.
Equipment: sterilises and removes germs or disease
Medicinal: cleaning cuts and scrapes; BODY ears, throat and diffusers.
FOOD: sterilising nuts, seeds, grains, veggies, fruit, meat, fish and chicken
PETS: oral care and odour


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