Hydroponic Plant Grow Tower System Set


Matt White systems v4. System Set is an updated version of our well-loved V3 version. Without the external pipes, our water delivery system is not just more efficient but is also necessary for the final sleek look of this design.

The additional corner cover elements ensure no light or mosquitoes can get to your reservoir. The ABS material is 3x thicker to prevent light penetration to keep your system algae free. The result, you’re able to grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort. Healthy plants can better absorb available nutrients, protect themselves from disease and pets, thrive and grow. Plus, you don’t have to deal with weeds (or getting dirty) because there’s no soil. Easy set up and family fun! Just plug it in and let it grow your vegetables for you!

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No green thumb? No problem. Our Vertical Plant Hydroponic Tower Home Farming System allows you to grow your own produce without the learning curve or time commitment of traditional gardening. You can grow practically anything with as little as (LxDxH) 75x24x180cm (4 tier) of space in your home. Just plug it in and let it grow your vegetables for you!

*New design with improved thickness ABS material for minimised light penetration and reduced algae growth.

*Improved water delivery system, no external pipes

*Increased planting holes + optimised plant spacing

*Castor Wheels for sturdy and enhanced mobility

*NEW corner fittings prevent light and mosquitos from reaching the reservoir

*New net cup holder groove for better placement in system

Specifications:Colour: Matt White with enhanced ABS material


4 tier: 60x30x200cm | 56 PLANTS

3 tier – 60x30x150cm | 42 PLANTS

2 tier – 60x30x100cm | 28 PLANTS

1 tier – 60x30x60cm | 14 PLANTS


Tier Grow Shelf ( 1,2,3,4 or additional option)

2x Energy saving LED’s / PER TIER

2x Light holders and adjustments / PER TIER

Daisy Chain connectors for lights / PER TIER

14x Net cups / PER TIER

14x Net cup holders / PER TIER

14x Biochar Biodegradable seeding plus / PER TIER

1x 1L Sprout lab Plant Food (not included in add on tier option)

Water pump (not included in add on tier option)

4x Wheels (not included in add on tier option)

1x Instruction Manual

Free: Pelleted Lettuce Seeds Provided with every purchase (20x seeds per tier purchase)

Note: It is advisable to purchase an EC meter bundle for correct nutrient measurements and for more advanced growing experience PH meter + UP and Down PH adjusters


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