Plant Care Kit – 3 in 1 Gift Set


All natural solution to any hurdles a plant parent may face. Our 3 in 1 Plant Care Kit is an excellent choice for an eco-conscious grower.

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Sprout lab Plant Care Kit – The perfect 3 in 1 Gift Set for any plant parent

Our 3 piece 250ml plant care combo has been created with the outmost care to ensure the highest quality our brand promises. The solutions can and should be used in conjunctions with one-another. All items are made from plants for plants, and they are all safe to be used in all homes, gardens and even farms. To see the most optimal results you may wish to read the instructions included on the bottles, and use only as advised. Our products are pet and family safe and are not harmful for the environment.

SHIELD: An all Natural formula made from a base of emulsified neem oil & wood vinegar to protect and treat your plants from pest attacks, fungal infections and diseases.

GROW: Plant nutrient tonic containing 13 essential nutrients, active compounds which boost photosynthesis and plant vitality while keeping your soil healthy.

BOOST: Made from a unique blend of cedarwood essential oils and plantains which boots leaf, flower and fruit development while vitalising plant health and resilience.

Together they make the ultimate plant care kit, the only 3 items you’ll ever need to care for your plants at home.