Plant Grow Pole for Aroids and Climbing Plants


Adjustable and easy-to-use transparent plant climbing pole for all aroids and climbing plants.


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Our high quality adjustable Moss Pole will help your aroid and climbing plants stall tall and proud. Our design consists or a thicker frosted transparent plastic sheet with large hexagonal cutouts to maximise the moss surface for your plants to hold into.

With its minimalist and smart design our climbing poles are not just pretty additions to your garden, but will help to keep your most precious plant-babies safe.

1. Fold the sheet over along the line with logo on the outside.

2. Stick your pole into the top layer of your soil/grow medium.

3. Add sphagnum moss or another material of your choice to the pole’s center.

4. Carefully attach your plant to the pole as needed so it may grasp onto it.

Sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, Large