Sprout lab | Plant GROW All-in-One Houseplant Nutrient Elixir | Liquid Fertiliser Concentrate | 500ml




Plant GROW Houseplant Nutrient Elixir made for plants, from plants. 

It’s really simple, we have created the ultimate superfood for plants. The unique formula provides a full spectrum conditioner for your soil which includes a wide range of active compounds, nutrients, enzymes, minerals, aminos, hormones.

Benefits: Improved nutrient uptake, root development, stem strength, soil conditioning, faster growth, colour, flavour, increased photosynthesis, new leaf production, flower blooming, fruit production, seed germination & stress resistance.

13 Essential nutrients + trace elements

70 minerals, vitamins and enzymes

Humic and fulvic acid

Active plant compounds

Rich in aminos and Cytokinin hormones

GROW can be applied directly to soil, as a foliar spray or added to your water.

Shake well before use!

Instructions: Easy to use, pump into water to make a plant loving nutrient rich drink and apply every other day. Pour into your pots or semi hydro systems.

Shake well before use!