This special organic VEGE MIX contains all the right stuff important for plant growth! Using only premium ingredients to provide optimal drainage and natural substance with all the parts which help your  plants survive and thrive!

An estimated 70% of houseplants die in customers’ homes after purchase and it might shock you but it’s mostly because they aren’t using the right soil or overwatering their plants. At Sprout lab, we have test hundreds of combinations with different planting mediums and plant varieties, to bring our customers result driven soil mixes which are practically fool proof for the everyday plant enthusiast.


  • Ready To Use
  • Peat Based + Fertilisers
  • Promotes rapid germination for seeds
  • Provides plant with high level organic matter
  • Promotes healthy root establishment and growth
  • Promotes and improve plant growth

Composition: Black Peat, White Peat, Sand, Cocopeat Beneficial Microbes and Organic Matter.

Best For: Ideal for wide range of plants especially for all edible vegetables and herbs

For Plants that require: Airy & Balanced Moisture




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